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    Abule Kadir K.
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    Neha atial
    /pan1>lass="bopper.> 97.4% tSC 2014 (Highnst1n<&umbai<)ddean1>/l>< /li>< < < up>Wdth Rbomatep,CI coud ustuey anytier, anywieelCan"1revies tillBI becaer peroct>. Bmsiems1my1yach(ers Rosomatep has been eyustuey frincd an"1I owe1my1scoels to osomatep/p><
    Sidd(inita Wan"eka=
    /pan1>lass="bopper.> 97.4% n<&tSC 2014 (Highnst1n<&umbai<)ddean1>/l>< /li>< < < up>The fcum< on ootcept buld nng ect>ueds atMaha=sh Tutorials helpdunet imernsel cor= m conal< exams. Eve=Chie dtabile"1rasts thatMae. ootduce/d very>laoes to hie onal< exams helpdunet revies an"1strngth=en eyubasicfootcept/./p><
    Hmagi Saindap/p>< /li>< < < up>I1knwp thatMI coud ubnk Pon aha=sh Tutorials'Cexperties or= onn rf yhe most1nmprt nt rexams of oy&life. The way yhe couch( an"1rhe working&rf yheir bath(es ae. very>diffeelt rfrom allBohiee coch(ing&n<
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    div ilass="fulogmg rgt" The inal< Frontier< /dh4< Some1succedunbecause yhe cae. dlstine"1ro;nbt tmost1succedunbecause yhe cae. dltermine"1ro. Ul_ieaidly, allBdepntds n" how dltermi.. / href="#cedsurse"s-chool-ubse"/paelt ingtips-2ubse"/634-yhe-onal<-frontier)cyrget="_blank"> eady moel < /d> div ilass="for">
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    div ilass="fulogmg rgt" Manger Tier an"1Rduca Stnrrss< /dh4< Remebern1rhe saying&‘manger yors tier, r= it willBmanger yor’?CIt1ns never moelCrue, than>dueing&exam tier. How wellByorBmange.. / href="#cedsurse"s-chool-ubse"/paelt ingtips-2ubse"/26-gahnger-tier-an"-rduca -strns()cyrget="_blank"> eady moel < /d> div ilass="for">
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    div ilass="fulogmg rgt" Sleep to Beat1Exam tnrrss< /dh4< Sleep giv=s&rrs bodiee rhe physucalEan"1rhe ent)alEelst it nedus. W=en yorBdon’t et= enoughcsleep, yors ootcegtrnion=Can"1efoct>.. / href="#cedsurse"s-chool-ubse"/paelt ingtips-2ubse"/263-sleep-to-beat-exam-strns()cyrget="_blank"> eady moel < /d> div ilass="for">
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    div ilass="fulogmg rgt" Liser=Cto Musicfan"1Rdliev Stnrrss< /dh4< Did yorBknow yorBcan>rduca yors exam strns( simply by1listening&to music? TheelCaelCrasts whih( lorreate/ thatMmusic t_ieuate/e r.. / href="#cedsurse"s-chool-ubse"/paelt ingtips-2ubse"/261-listen-to-music-an"-rdliev -strns()cyrget="_blank"> eady moel < /d> div ilass="for">
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