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Soham Gosavi of Mahesh Tutorials has scored 494/500 achieving an aggregate %age of 98.80% in CBSE class X Board Exam. We are proud to have such a hard working student.

Our CBSE Class X Subject Toppers have made us proud once again by securing highest marks: 42 of our students have scored 95% and above and 173 of our students have scored 90% and above.

Our subject toppers have secured fabulous marks:

Maths-100/100 | Social science-100/100 | Science-100/100 | Marathi-100/100 | Sanskrit-100/100 | English-98/100 | Hindi A - 98/100 | Hindi B - 97/100

Congratulations once again to all our students and best of luck for the future.

We proudly congratulate Nishil Kulkarni, Mahesh Tutorials ICSE student who achieved a fabulous 98.80% at the boards. Mahesh Tutorials students reiterated their superiority with 68 achieving above 95% and 232 students achieving 90% and above.

Congratulations also to our subject toppers for their outstanding achievement.

Maths - 100/100 | Chemistry-100/100 | Physics-100/100 | Biology-100/100 |History-civics-100/100| Geography-100/100 |English literature-100/100 | Commercial studies-100/100 |Hindi-99/100 |Marathi-99/100

Congratulations once again to all our students and best of luck for the future.

Students of Std. 10 Board Examinations (CBSE, ICSE and Maharashtra State Board) can now call ‘Hum Se Puccho’, a 24 x 7 helpline intended to aid students with last minute queries. This initiative started in 2006, by Global Education Trust undertaken with knowledge partner MT Educare and technology partner Robomate+ has helped students who are stressed and aims to interact with them and reduce their stress, ultimately encouraging them to score well. A team of dedicated teachers is on stand-by to answer calls from over-anxious, nervous students and parents. Know More

Mahesh Shetty, Whole Time Director, MT Educare Ltd., shared the stage with eminent leaders and policy makers from the education industry to discuss Industrial Revolution 4.0 Leading to Revolution in School Education Sector. He was attending the World Education Summit 2018 held in Mumbai on 7-8 December. The summit aims to effect a positive change and growth to the education sector through innovative approach to improve learning experience. Mr Brijesh Karia, Business Head, Robomate+ Institutional Sales, also spoke at the event. He talked about 'Robomate+ and technology advancement in schools'. Mr Karia threw light on how Robomate+ is an efficient tool for self- paced leaning which enables students to learn better.

Mr Brijesh Karia, Institutional Sales Head of Robomate+, participated in a panel discussion at IDA Connect, Chandigarh. The agenda of the discussion was Re-imagining and Transforming Learning Environments for the next generation of Students and Teachers through an engaging curriculum and the colossal role of Technology in it.

Once again Top Rank students have reiterated that MT Educare CA Teaching methodology is the best. Our students have grabbed 9 out of Top 50 Ranks. Congratulations to all our students for successfully completing the CA Foundation Course. Our top rankers are .

Name Rank Name Rank
Labdhi Bafna Air 17 Vigneshwar Madhan Air 36
Sivasankari K Air 38 Tilak Surya G Air 38
Soundarya S Air 40 Varshini V Air 42
Shriram S Air 45 Azim Nihal Air 47
Sathyanarayanan SAir 47

Once again a Lakshya student has topped the prestigious AIIMS examination. Eliza Vijaykumar is AIR 1 in AIIMS 2018. Congratulations Eliza Vijaykumar - AIR 1, Eishvauk Aggarwal - AIR 10, Abhinav Gupta - AIR 14 and Ishaan Garg - AIR 60. We are proud of your achievement and glad to have been part of your journey to excellence.

Lakshya has created history once again!! After Sarvesh Mehtani secured All India Rank 1 in IIT JEE Advanced 2017, this year Pranav Goyal has secured All India Rank 1 in IIT JEE Advanced 2018!! Congratulations to Pranav!!! We are extremely proud that we have laid the foundation to his success and we wish him all the very best for his future endeavors. As results still pour in, stay tuned for further good news.

Congratulations to all our SSC State Board students for achieving stupendous marks. Shrutika Jagadish Mahajan has secured 100% aggregate with total 500/500 marks. Great going Shrutika! Sanika Sanjay Gaikwad has achieved 99.80% with 499/500 marks and Khushi Ajay Vora has achieved 99.60% with 498/500 marks. Mahesh Tutorials is proud of your achievements. Look forward to more good news as the results are still coming in. Stay Tuned.

Prajot Rajgopal (PCM 184) and Prashant Shettigar (PCM 181) have achieved amazing marks in MHT CET. Lakshya congratulates all MHT CET go getters. Prashant Shettigar has attained terrific marks (49/50) in Physics & Prajot Rajgopal - 98/100 in Maths. Great News: 44 students have achieved above 150 in PCM.


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