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For all those who missed AFAE this year and for those who were there but want to relive it, click the following links to view the AFAE 2015 Galleries.

To felicitate its toppers of the School, Commerce, & Science sections, MT Educare has organized Awards for Academic Excellence (AFAE) on 7th & 8th of July. This event will be held at the Renaissance Hotel in Powai, Mumbai.

To get the live event updates, visit our Facebook page.

Mahesh Tutorials Lakshya students have once again topped the rank lists for AIIMS and JEE Advanced 2015. 

Click here to view the detailed results.

MT Commerce has continued its winning trend of producing the maximum number of toppers at the HSC exams every year. This year we have 123 students scoring 90% agg. and above in the HSC exams. 

Mahesh Tutorials Commerce 2015 Results

MT School, keeping with tradition has produced toppers again in 2015. From 2230 students scoring above 90% in SSC to 137 students scoring above 90% in ICSE to 53 students scoring 10/10 CGPA in CBSE MT School has kept its commitment of being a child's academic parents.

Click the links below to view the detailed results:

SSC 2015 Results

CBSE 2015 Results

ICSE 2015 Results

Like every year, this year as well, Lakshya students have proven that they are the best of the lot through the amazing results achieved at all examinations. The results at HSC, JEE Main & Advanced, AIIMS, and MHT CET Medical 2015 have reiterated that We are the Masters of All.

Click the below link to view the results for 2015.

Lakshya 2015 Results


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